I’ve been quilting for over 35 years, sometimes following traditional patterns, but mostly doing what I think of as abstract painting with fabric scraps. I love to play with shapes, colors, and textures. My work ranges from small wall hangings to bed-sized quilts. Recently, I have been making lots of baby quilts, and especially enjoying working with fabrics based on children’s books.

I graduated from MassArt with a degree in printmaking and art education, but am pretty much self-taught as a quiltmaker (except for that mandatory high school Home Ec class, where I learned the fundamentals of sewing.)

I do most of my piecing on a very old treadle (pre-electric) sewing machine that I found in a barn in Vermont. The rhythm of pumping the treadle as I maneuver the fabric under the needle is like a working meditation and provides time and space for my designs to develop.

I quilt some of my own projects and sometimes hire professional longarm quilters

to finish bigger projects. Their beautiful work adds so much to the quilts.

Sunny Winter Morning (detail) - 2009

Ferns & Flowers 3 - detail 2